The Termite Team

Dr. Andrea Surovek

Research Scientist IV, SDSM&T
Dr. Andrea Surovek, P.E. received her PhD from Georgia Tech, and holds multiple degrees in engineering and liberal arts from Purdue University. She is a Fellow of both ASCE and the ASCE Structural Engineering Institute.

Dr.Bret Lingwall

Assistant Professor, SDSM&T
Bret Lingwall, PhD, PE is an Assistant Professor specializing in the areas of geotechnical, bio-geotechnical and earthquake engineering. He has a PhD from the University of Utah and is a Professional Engineer (UT). His current work focuses on bio-geotechnics which includes microbial bio-cements and the foundations of mega-flora. His active research portfolio includes numerical modeling of geologic materials, soil-structure interaction, dams and levees, liquefied soils, seismic hazards analysis, surface fault rupture mitigation, very soft soils, retaining walls, geosynthetics, paving materials, and laterally loaded foundations.

Dr. Chris Shearer

Assistant Professor, SDSM&T,-Christopher/

Dr. Khosro Shahbazi

Associate Professor, SDSM&T
Dr. Khosro Shahbazi is an Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at SD Mines. I obtained my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada).

Dr. William Capehart

Hannah Moen

Graduate Student